Welcome to Seed Freaks! We sell 400+ heirloom seeds.

NEW! Western Australian customers can now buy Seed Freaks seed via Down2Earth Gardening.

We currently grow 85% of the seed that we sell in Tasmania, Australia using organic methods that sequester soil carbon and foster soil life.

Seed Freaks started because as market gardeners we wanted to source seed that was acclimatised to our area, that we knew performed well, and provided high-quality crops.

We’ve been tracking down our favourite varieties and seedsaving for years and through a number of opportunities thrown our way by the Huon Producers’ Network we started to package our seed and sell it at markets. Nothing flash, just excess seed.

But like most seeds of things, it grew.  We’re still small, but now we’ve expanded the land we utilise to grow seed and have stopped market gardening.

We often find it difficult to source seed from the mainland due to various restrictions, and fair enough, who wants smut and other uglies turning up here? Our relatively pest and disease free status and the current moratorium on GMO’s are two important things to maintain.

While we still do outsource some seed we’re now fluctuating at around 85% our own seed and we’re looking to increase that, eventually, to as close to 100% as we can get.

Our obsession is heirloom tomato seeds. You’ll find the site is dominated by them, closely followed by heirloom bean seeds, for both fresh and dry use.

Seed saving is at the very core of food security. Ensuring the means to produce our food year in and year out using methods that aren’t dependent on what’s happening in the rest of the world.

With open-pollinated and heirloom seed we can provide ourselves with one of the most important necessities – food.

Happy Planting!

For every $25 spent we throw in a free packet of Mystery Seeds. $50 = 2 packets, $75 = 3 packets etc

Identification of the seed variety and growing instructions are inside the packet

Packet of Seed Freaks Mystery seeds