A picture of the new owners of Seed Freaks standing in the garden. From left to right: Momo, Kate and Florian. Florian us holding a beautiful fresh lettuce.

We are crazy about providing heirloom seeds across Australia.

Seed Freaks has grown and sold open-pollinated, heirloom seed since 2016.

Seed Freaks began as the brainchild of Linda Cockburn and Trev Wittmer as they embarked on a journey to source seed that is acclimated to the local area and creates well-performing, high-quality crops. Their seed-saving passion stemmed from their concerns about food security and anticipating the needs of future generations.

What started as a small initiative grew into something bigger, something that new owners Kate, Flo and Momo aim to nourish even more.

We currently have over 400 varieties of heirloom seeds. The original owners produced an impressive 85% of the seeds they sold.

Kate, Flo, and Momo are committed to producing 100% of the seeds that  Seed Freaks sell.

Seed Freaks has a reputation amongst our customers for providing heirloom seeds with excellent germination rates. Seed Freaks takes immense pride in our mission to provide Australian growers with top-quality seeds grown by us in Australian soils, for Australian soils.

We currently sell our seeds across Australia online only. We sell our seeds in WA through Down2Earth Gardening. We do not sell overseas due to quarantine restrictions.

The best way to get to know Seed Freaks is to get to know the team behind it!

Meet the Seeds Freaks Team

Kate Tier
Until 2020, Kate was an international opera singer, and during her travels was exposed to varieties of vegetables that were brand-new to her. She became passionate about wanting to bring not only variety to the Australian table but also the quality and nutrient density that becomes possible with a shift towards local production and regenerative agricultural practices.

Covid made Kate realise the importance of food security has never been more evident and she decided that she wanted to contribute to Australia’s ability to achieve it.

Florian Bonenfant
Flo is a market gardener, regenerative farmer, and a soil health freak. You can always find him somewhere on the farm because his passion is working with nature and finding creative solutions to agricultural puzzles.

He discovered his love for seeds and seed production through his farming education, and he is fascinated by how different varieties adapt to every region or microclimate.

Maurice (Momo) Henault
Momo has been a “seedaholic” since he grew his first bean at five years old, and he pretty much never stopped!

His passion is preserving, maintaining, and creating sustainable ecosystems of all scales.

Momo has built dozens of hives and manages an army of working bees and creates various composts and worm farms that provide top-quality organic matter that help improve the soil.

A Bordoodle named crumpet sitting in the field with his tongue lolling out.

Field inspector and Wallaby chaser…we would love it if he would chase any rogue wildlife that gets into the garden out of the garden….and he does…however his intention is more to make friends in unlikely places than it is to secure the perimeter.

A black and white cat named Crepe Suzette staring judgementally at the camera.

Crepe Suzette
Customer complaints officer. Good luck dealing with her, we certainly can’t.

Where is Seed Freaks?

Just follow the giant blue arrow in the sky over the South Arm Peninsula, to 25 acres just 25 minutes outside of Hobart to Wobblestone Regenerative Farm; the new proud home of Seed Freaks.

An aerial picture of Wobblestone Regenerative Farm, the new home of Seed Freaks.